Installing SnapCenter Plug-in Packages for Linux or Windows on multiple remote hosts by using cmdlets

You can install the SnapCenter Plug-in Packages for Linux or Windows on multiple hosts simultaneously by using the Install-SmHostPackage PowerShell cmdlet.

Before you begin

The Run As user adding a host should have the administrative rights on the host.


  1. Launch PowerShell.
  2. From the Snap Creator Server command prompt, enter the following, and then enter your credentials: Open-SMConnection
  3. From the command prompt, enter the following: Install-SmHostPackage -skipprecheck
    Alternatively, you can enter the Install-SmHostPackage command with suitable options. For example:
    Install-SmHostPackage -HostNames @("","") 
    -ApplicationCode HRPlug-in -FilesystemCode SCU -RunAsName HRPlugin -Skipprecheck

    You can use the -skipprecheck option when you have already installed the plug-ins manually and you do not want to validate whether the host meets the requirements for installing the plug-in.

    The following prompts are displayed:

    Specifies the list of hosts on which you can install the available plug-ins. For untrusted domain and workgroup machines, you should use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) because SnapCenter relies on the proper DNS configuration. You must use a comma to separate host names.
    Best Practice: NetApp recommends using quotation marks.
    Specifies the code of the plug-in that you want to install. To install SnapCenter Custom Plug-ins, you should specify the name of the custom plug-in (for example, HRPlug-in).
    Specifies the code for one or more of the plug-in packages that you want to install. The following values are valid:
    • SCW
    • SCU
  4. Enter your Run As credentials for remote installation.