Refreshing a clone

You can refresh the clone by running the Refresh-SmClone command. This command creates a backup of the database, deletes the existing clone, and creates a clone with the same name.

Before you begin

You should be aware of some of best practices that you should follow before performing this operation.

About this task

You cannot refresh a PDB clone.


  1. Initiate a connection session with the SnapCenter Server for a specified user: Open-SmConnection
  2. Create an Oracle database clone specification from a specified backup: New-SmOracleCloneSpecification
    Note: If secondary data protection policy is unified mirror-vault, then specify only -IncludeSecondaryDetails. You do not have to specify -SecondaryStorageType.

    This command automatically creates an Oracle database clone specification file for the specified source database and its backup. You must also provide a clone database SID so that the specification file created has the automatically generated values for the clone database which you will be creating.

    Note: The clone specification file is created at /var/opt/snapcenter/sco/clone_specs.
  3. Run Refresh-SmClone.
    If the operation fails with the PL-SCO-20032: canExecute operation failed with error: PL-SCO-30031: Redo log file +SC_2959770772_clmdb/clmdb/redolog/redo01_01.log exists error messages, specify a higher value for -WaitToTriggerClone

    For detailed information on UNIX commands, use the SnapCenter command help or see the command reference information.

    SnapCenter Software 4.4 Command Reference Guide