Configuring HDB User Store Key and HDBSQL OS User for the SAP HANA database

You must configure HDB User Store Key and HDBSQL OS User to perform data protection operations on SAP HANA databases.

About this task


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Resources and then select SnapCenter Plug-in for SAP HANA Database from the list.
  2. In the Resources page, select the resource type from the View list.
  3. (Optional) Click and select the host name.
    You can then click to close the filter pane.
  4. Select the database, and then click Configure Database.
  5. In the Configure database settings section, enter HDB Secure User Store Key.
    Note: The Plug-in host name is displayed and HDB SQL OS User is automatically populated to <sid>adm.
  6. Click OK.

After you finish

You can modify the database configuration from the Topology page.