Installing the SnapCenter Server using the Install wizard

You can run theSnapCenter Server installer executable to install the SnapCenter Server.

Before you begin

About this task


  1. Download the SnapCenter Server installation package from NetApp Support Site.
  2. Initiate the SnapCenter Server installation by double-clicking the downloaded .exe file.

    After you initiate the installation, all the prechecks are performed and if the minimum requirements are not met appropriate error or warning messages are displayed.

    You can ignore the warning messages and proceed with installation; however, errors should be fixed.

  3. Review the pre-populated values required for the SnapCenter Server installation and modify if required.
    You do not have to specify the password for MySQL Server repository database. During SnapCenter Server installation the password is auto generated.
    Note: The special character % is not supported in the custom path for the repository database. If you include % in the path, installation fails.
  4. Click Install Now.
    If you have specified any values that are invalid, appropriate error messages will be displayed. You should reenter the values, and then initiate the installation.
    Note: If you click the Cancel button, the step that is being executed will be completed, and then start the rollback operation. The SnapCenter Server will be completely removed from the host.

    However, if you click Cancel when SnapCenter Server site restart or Waiting for SnapCenter Server to start operations are being performed, installation will proceed without cancelling the operation.

    Log files are always listed (oldest first) in the %temp% folder of the admin user. If you want to redirect the log locations, initiate the SnapCenter Server installation from the command prompt by running:C:\installer_location\installer_name.exe /log"C:\"