Upgrading the SnapCenter Server

You can use the SnapCenter Server installer executable file to upgrade the SnapCenter Server. You can upgrade from SnapCenter 4.1 to SnapCenter 4.3 or later.

Before you begin

About this task

During upgrade, the the host is automatically put into maintenance mode that prevents the host from running any scheduled jobs. After upgrade, the host is automatically pulled out of maintenance mode.

However, before initiating the upgrade operation, if you have manually placed the host in maintenance mode, post upgrade you need to manually bring the host out of maintenance mode by clicking Hosts > Activate Schedule.

Note: The existing Configuration Checker alerts are deleted after upgrading the SnapCenter Server to 4.3 or later.


  1. Download the SnapCenter Server installation package from the NetApp Support Site.
  2. In the left navigation pane, click Hosts., and in the Managed Hosts list, select the host that you want to upgrade.
  3. Create a copy of the web.config located at C:\Program Files\NetApp\SnapCenter WebApp.
  4. Export the SnapCenter schedules related to plug-in host from windows task schedule so that you can use it to restore the schedules if upgrade fails.md d:\SCBackupschtasks /query /xml /TN taskname >> "D:\SCBackup\taskname.xml"
  5. Create the SnapCenter MySQL database dump if the repository backup is not configured.md d:\SCBackupmysqldump --all-databases --single-transaction --add-drop-database --triggers --routines --events -u root -p > D:\SCBackup\SCRepoBackup.dmp
    When prompted, enter the password.
  6. Initiate the SnapCenter Server upgrade by double-clicking the downloaded .exe file.
    After you initiate the upgrade, all the prechecks are performed, and if the minimum requirements are not met, appropriate error or warning messages are displayed. You can ignore the warning messages and proceed with the installation. However, errors should be fixed.
    Note: SnapCenter will continue to use the existing MySQL Server repository database password provided during installation of the earlier version of SnapCenter Server.
  7. Click Upgrade.
    At any stage if you click the Cancel button, the upgrade workflow will be cancelled. It will not rollback the SnapCenter Server to previous state.

After you finish

Best Practice: You should either log out and then log into SnapCenter, or close and then open a new browser to access SnapCenter GUI.