Removing the trial license

The trial license (serial number ending with 50) cannot be deleted using the SnapCenter GUI. If you are using a controller-based SnapCenter Standard license and need to remove the capacity-based trial license from the SnapCenter GUI, you must use MySQL commands to remove the trial license manually.

Before you begin

A SnapCenter Standard controller-based license must be added before you can remove the trial license. Instructions are in the Adding a SnapCenter controller-based license using the ONTAP command line section.

About this task

Removing a trial license manually is only required if you are using a SnapCenter Standard controller-based license. If you procured a SnapCenter Standard capacity-based license and add it in the SnapCenter GUI, the trial license gets overwritten automatically.


  1. On the SnapCenter Server, open a PowerShell window to reset the MySQL password.
    1. Run the Open-SmConnection cmdlet to initiate a connection session with the SnapCenter Server for a SnapCenterAdmin account.
    2. Run the Set-SmRepositoryPassword to reset the MySQL password.
  2. Open the command prompt and run mysql -u root -p to log into MySQL.

    MySQL prompts you for the password.

    Enter the credentials you provided while resetting the password.

  3. Remove the trial license from the database: use nsm; DELETE FROM nsm_License WHERE nsm_License_Serial_Number='510000050';