Understanding SnapCenter repository

The SnapCenter repository, sometimes referred to as the NSM database, stores information and metadata for every SnapCenter operation.

MySQL Server repository database is installed by default when you install the SnapCenter Server. If MySQL Server is already installed and you are doing a fresh installation of SnapCenter Server, you should uninstall MySQL Server.

SnapCenter supports MySQL Server 5.7.25 or later as the SnapCenter repository database. If you were using an earlier version of MySQL Server with an earlier release of SnapCenter, during SnapCenter upgrade, the MySQL Server is upgraded to 5.7.25 or later.

The SnapCenter repository stores the following information and metadata:

SnapCenter can back up its own repository by using the SnapCenter repository management features. The Administration Guide or the Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide contain the details.

The NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT) contains the latest information about the MySQL supported versions.

NetApp Interoperability Matrix Tool