Volume favorite card

The Volume favorite card enables you to view the capacity, protection, and performance details of the volumes that you marked as favorites.

Volume attributes

The Volume favorite card displays the following volume attributes:

Volume health status
An icon that indicates the health status of the volume. The possible values are Normal, Warning, Error, and Critical.
Volume name
Name of the volume.
Percentage of free space available on the volume, and the estimated number of days until the volume would become full.
Protection role that is set for the volume. The possible values are Unprotected, Not Applicable, Protected, and Destination.
Note: This section does not appear for FlexGroup volumes.
Performance statistics for the volume.
Average number of I/O operations per second over the last 72 hours.
Average throughput over the last 72 hours, in MBps.
Average response time required for an operation, in milliseconds.