What a database restore is

Database restore is the process of copying backup files from secondary storage to a disk to restore the original data if data loss occurs. You perform the restore operation from the Unified Manager console.

During the restore process, you are logged out of Unified Manager. You can log in to the system after the restore process is complete.

The restore operation is performed using restore commands that are executed on the Unified Manager server from the console. The restore feature provides status messages related to restore success or failure.

The restore feature is platform-specific and version-specific. You can restore a Unified Manager backup only on the same version of Unified Manager. Unified Manager supports backup and restore in the following platform scenarios:

Important: Old backup files cannot be used to restore an image after Unified Manager has been upgraded to a newer version of software. These old backup files are not removed automatically based on the retention count value you have set. The retention count setting only applies to the backup files created with the current version of Unified Manager software. Therefore, you must manually delete these old backup files from the backup folder so that they do not waste space on the system.