Common Unified Manager health workflows and tasks

Some common administrative workflows and tasks associated with Unified Manager include selecting the storage clusters that are to be monitored; diagnosing conditions that adversely affect data availability, capacity, and protection; creating protection relationships; restoring lost data; configuring and managing Infinite Volumes; and bundling and sending diagnostic data to technical support (when necessary).

Unified Manager enables storage administrators to view a dashboard, assess the overall capacity, availability, and protection health of the managed storage clusters, and then quickly identify, locate, diagnose, and assign for resolution any specific issues that might arise.

The most important issues related to a cluster, storage virtual machine (SVM), volume, Infinite Volume, or protection relationship that affect the storage capacity, data availability, or protection reliability of your managed storage objects are displayed in the system health graphs and events on the Dashboards/Overview page. When critical issues are identified, the this page provides links to support appropriate troubleshooting workflows.

Unified Manager can also be included in workflows that include related manageability tools—such as OnCommand Workflow Automation (WFA)—to support the direct configuration of storage resources.

Common workflows related to the following administrative tasks are described in this document: