How moving a FlexVol volume works

Knowing how moving a FlexVol volume works helps you to determine whether the volume move satisfies service-level agreements and to understand where a volume move is in the volume move process.

FlexVol volumes are moved from one aggregate or node to another within the same storage virtual machine (SVM). A volume move does not disrupt client access during the move.

Moving a volume occurs in multiple phases:

The move is not disruptive to client access because the time in which client access is blocked ends before clients notice a disruption and time out. Client access is blocked for 35 seconds by default. If the volume move operation cannot finish in the time that access is denied, the system aborts this final phase of the volume move operation and allows client access. The system attempts the final phase three times by default. After the third attempt, the system waits an hour before attempting the final phase sequence again. The system runs the final phase of the volume move operation until the volume move is complete.