What a data continuity collection cycle is

A data continuity collection cycle retrieves performance data outside of the real-time cluster performance collection cycle that runs, by default, every five minutes. Data continuity collections enable Unified Manager to fill in gaps of statistical data that occur when it was unable to collect real-time data.

Data continuity collection is supported only on clusters installed with ONTAP version 8.3.1 or later software.

Unified Manager performs data continuity collection polls of historical performance data when the following events occur:

A data continuity collection cycle can collect a maximum of 24 hours of historical data. If Unified Manager is down for longer than 24 hours, a gap in performance data appears in the UI pages.

A data continuity collection cycle and a real-time data collection cycle cannot run at the same time. The data continuity collection cycle must finish before the real-time performance data collection is initiated. When the data continuity collection is required to collect more than one hour of historical data, then you see a banner message for that cluster at the top of the Performance dashboard.