Relationship: Last 1 month Transfer Status view

The Relationship: Last 1 month Transfer Status view enables you to analyze the volume transfer trends over a period of time for volumes in asynchronous relationships. This page also displays whether the volume transfer was a success or a failure.

The controls along the top of the page enable you to select a particular view (for health, performance, capacity, and so on), perform searches to locate specific objects, create and apply filters to narrow the list of displayed data, add/remove/reorder columns on the page, and export the data on the page to a .csv or .pdf document. After you have customized the page, you can save the results as a custom view and then schedule a report of this data to be generated and emailed on a regular basis.
Source Volume
Displays the source volume name.
Destination Volume
Displays the destination volume name.
Operation Type
Displays the type of volume transfer.
Operation Result
Displays whether volume transfer was successful.
Transfer Start Time
Displays the volume transfer start time.
Transfer End Time
Displays the volume transfer end time.
Transfer Duration
Displays the time taken (in hours) to complete the volume transfer.
Transfer Size
Displays the size (in MB) of the transferred volume.
Source SVM
Displays the storage virtual machine (SVM) name.
Source Cluster
Displays the source cluster name.
Destination SVM
Displays the destination SVM name.
Destination Cluster
Displays the destination cluster name.