Configuring database backup settings

You can configure the Unified Manager database backup settings to set the database backup path, retention count, and backup schedules. You can enable daily or weekly scheduled backups. By default, scheduled backups are disabled.

Before you begin

About this task

More time is required the first time a backup is performed than for subsequent backups because the first backup is a full backup. A full backup can be over 1 GB and can take three to four hours. Subsequent backups are incremental and require less time.

Note: If you find that the number of incremental backup files is getting too large for the space you have allocated for backups, you can create a new full backup periodically to replace the old full backup and all of its' child incremental files.

How to start a new Incremental Backup chain within Active IQ Unified Manager


  1. In the left navigation pane, click General > Database Backup.
  2. In the Database Backup page, click Backup Settings.
  3. Configure the appropriate values for a backup path, retention count, and schedule.
    The default value for retention count is 10; you can use 0 for creating unlimited backups.
  4. Select the Scheduled Daily or Scheduled Weekly button, and then specify the schedule details.
  5. Click Apply.