Defining a schedule for Snapshot backups

You can configure the schedule at which Unified ManagerSnapshot backups are created by using the Unified Manager UI.

Before you begin

About this task

Snapshot backups are created in just a few minutes and the Unified Manager database is locked only for few seconds.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click General > Database Backup.
  2. In the Database Backup page, click Backup Settings.
  3. Enter the maximum number of Snapshot copies that you want to retain in the Retention Count field.
    The default value for retention count is 10. The maximum number of Snapshot copies is determined by the version of ONTAP software on the cluster: 1020 for ONTAP 9.4 and greater, and 250 for ONTAP 9.3 and earlier. You can leave this field blank to implement the maximum value regardless of ONTAP version.
  4. Select the Scheduled Daily or Scheduled Weekly button, and then specify the schedule details.
  5. Click Apply.


Snapshot backup files are created based on the schedule. You can see the available backup files in the Database Backup page.

After you finish

Because of the importance of this volume and the snapshots, you may want to create one or two alerts for this volume so you are notified when either:

You configure alerts in the Alert Setup page.