Enabling or disabling GPO support on a CIFS server

You can enable or disable Group Policy Object (GPO) support on a CIFS server. If you enable GPO support on a CIFS server, the applicable GPOs that are defined on the group policy—the policy that is applied to the organizational unit (OU) that contains the CIFS server computer object—are applied to the CIFS server.

About this task

Note: GPOs cannot be enabled on CIFS servers in workgroup mode.


  1. Perform one of the following actions:
    If you want to... Enter the command...
    Enable GPOs vserver cifs group-policy modify -vserver vserver_name -status enabled
    Disable GPOs vserver cifs group-policy modify -vserver vserver_name -status disabled
  2. Verify that GPO support is in the desired state: vserver cifs group-policy show -vserver vserver_name
    Group Policy Status for CIFS servers in workgroup mode is displayed as disabled.


The following example enables GPO support on storage virtual machine (SVM) vs1:

cluster1::> vserver cifs group-policy modify -vserver vs1 -status enabled

cluster1::> vserver cifs group-policy show -vserver vs1

            Vserver: vs1
Group Policy Status: enabled