Creating a BranchCache-enabled SMB share

You can enable BranchCache on an SMB share when you create the share by setting the branchcache share property.

About this task


  1. Create a BranchCache-enabled SMB share: vserver cifs share create -vserver vserver_name -share-name share_name -path path -share-properties branchcache[,...]
  2. Verify that the BranchCache share property is set on the SMB share by using the vserver cifs share show command.


The following command creates a BranchCache-enabled SMB share named data with a path of /data on SVM vs1. By default, the offline files setting is set to manual:

cluster1::> vserver cifs share create -vserver vs1 -share-name data -path /data -share-properties branchcache,oplocks,browsable,changenotify

cluster1::> vserver cifs share show -vserver vs1 -share-name data                                                          
                      Vserver: vs1
                        Share: data
     CIFS Server NetBIOS Name: VS1
                         Path: /data
             Share Properties: branchcache
           Symlink Properties: enable
      File Mode Creation Mask: -
 Directory Mode Creation Mask: -
                Share Comment: -
                    Share ACL: Everyone / Full Control
File Attribute Cache Lifetime: -
                  Volume Name: data
                Offline Files: manual
Vscan File-Operations Profile: standard