Displaying DNS statistics

You can display DNS statistics for storage virtual machines (SVMs) on the storage system to monitor performance and diagnose issues.


  1. Use the statistics catalog object show command to identify the DNS objects from which you can view data.
    statistics catalog object show -object external_service_op*
    For more information about the statistics commands, see the Performance Monitoring Power Guide.
  2. Use the statistics start and statistics stop commands to collect a data sample from one or more objects.
  3. Use the statistics show command to view the sample data.

Monitoring DNS statistics

The following examples show performance data for DNS queries. The following commands start data collection for a new sample:

vs1::*> statistics start -object external_service_op -sample-id dns_sample1
vs1::*> statistics start -object external_service_op_error -sample-id dns_sample2

The following command displays data from the sample by specifying counters that display the number of DNS queries sent versus the number of DNS queries received, failed, or timed out:

vs1::*> statistics show -sample-id dns_sample1 -counter num_requests_sent|num_responses_received|num_successful_responses|num_timeouts|num_request_failures|num_not_found_responses
Object: external_service_op
Instance: vs1:DNS:Query:
Start-time: 3/8/2016 11:15:21
End-time: 3/8/2016 11:16:52
Elapsed-time: 91s
Scope: vs1
    Counter                                                     Value
    -------------------------------- --------------------------------
    num_not_found_responses                                         0
    num_request_failures                                            0
    num_requests_sent                                               1
    num_responses_received                                          1
    num_successful_responses                                        1
    num_timeouts                                                    0
6 entries were displayed.

The following command displays data from the sample by specifying counters that display the number of times a specific error was received for a DNS query on the particular server:

vs1::*> statistics show -sample-id dns_sample2 -counter server_ip_address|error_string|count
Object: external_service_op_error
Instance: vs1:DNS:Query:NXDOMAIN:
Start-time: 3/8/2016 11:23:21
End-time: 3/8/2016 11:24:25
Elapsed-time: 64s
Scope: vs1
    Counter                                                     Value
    -------------------------------- --------------------------------
    count                                                           1
    error_string                                             NXDOMAIN
3 entries were displayed.