Verifying that the hardware setup is complete

You can use the Config Advisor tool to verify that the hardware is set up correctly.


  1. Confirm that all components are mounted and cabled.
  2. Confirm that FC target ports are cabled to FC switches, using a minimum of two ports per node to fabric A, and two ports per node to fabric B.
  3. Confirm that the system is powered on.
  4. Download and install the Config Advisor tool.

    NetApp Downloads: Config Advisor

    Config Advisor is a configuration validation and health check utility for NetApp systems that runs a series of commands on the hardware and then verifies cabling, configuration, availability, and conformance with NetApp best practice settings.

  5. Confirm that your computer is physically connected to the management switch for the cluster and configured with an IP address in the 10.10.10.x/24 subnet.
  6. Run Config Advisor, select the Clustered Data ONTAP execution profile, enter the cluster node and switch login information, and then click Collect Data.
  7. Review the Config Advisor output and resolve any issues reported.