Final steps before putting your system into production

The SAN optimized factory configuration is intended for demonstration and testing purposes.


  1. Register the system on the NetApp Support.
  2. Remove the test LUNs and volumes.
  3. Update the password for the cluster admin account.
  4. Update the password for the storage virtual machine (SVM) admin account if you intend to keep the SVM.
  5. Assign or change passwords for the cluster interconnect switches (if present).
  6. Rename the cluster.
  7. Change the management IP addresses to fit your network.
  8. Configure AutoSupport messages.
  9. Configure DNS for your network.
  10. Configure NTP for your network.
  11. Configure EMS messages.
  12. Protect the root volumes.
  13. Create production volumes and LUNs.
  14. Optionally join additional AFF or FAS system nodes to the cluster.
    Note: You can join nodes to the FC SAN optimized cluster, but you cannot add the FC SAN optimized cluster to an existing cluster. You can only join nodes to an existing cluster, you cannot merge clusters.