NFS transition: supported and unsupported configurations, and required manual steps

Some NFS configurations are not transitioned to ONTAP because they are not supported in ONTAP, there are functionality differences from 7-Mode, or they must be manually transitioned. You should verify all of the precheck errors and warning messages to evaluate the impact of such configurations on transition.

Supported configurations for transition

At a high level, the following NFS configurations are transitioned by the 7-Mode Transition Tool:

See the precheck results for details about these NFS configurations.

Unsupported configurations in ONTAP

The following NFS configurations are not supported in ONTAP:

Configurations that must be manually transitioned

There are some NFS configurations that are supported in ONTAP, but are not transitioned by the 7-Mode Transition Tool.

The following NFS configurations generate a warning message in the precheck operation, and you must manually apply the configurations on the SVM:

Configurations that are functionally different in ONTAP

The following NFS configurations are functionally different in ONTAP: