Preparing for post-transition ESXi host remediation

After the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT) transition is complete, you must perform various ESXi host remediation tasks. There are several steps you must complete before you can perform those tasks.

About this task


  1. Generate the 7-Mode to ONTAP LUN mapping file:
    • For CBTs, run the following command from the Linux host where 7MTT is installed: transition cbt export lunmap -p project-name -o file_path

      For example: transition cbt export lunmap -p SanWorkLoad -o c:/Libraires/Documents/7-to-C-LUN-MAPPING.csv

    • For CFTs, run the following command from the system where the 7MTT is installed: transition cft export lunmap -p project-name -s svm-name -o output-file

      For example: transition cft export lunmap -p SanWorkLoad -s svm1 -o c:/Libraires/Documents/7-to-C-LUN-MAPPING-svm1.csv

      Note: You must run this command for each of your storage virtual machines (SVMs).
  2. Verify that igroup and initiator mappings are present.
    7MTT re-creates the same igroup with initiators used in Data ONTAP operating in 7-Mode, and remaps the clustered Data ONTAP LUN to the host.
  3. Verify that zoning is appropriate for the new clustered Data ONTAP target.
  4. If you are doing a copy-free transition (CFT), run vol rehost.
    See the 7-Mode Transition Tool Copy-Free Transition Guide for vol rehost procedures.