Reattaching RDM LUNs to VMs

For VMs attached to Raw Device Mapped (RDM) LUNs to function after transition, you must remove the RDM disks hosting the LUN from the VM. Then you must reattach the RDM disks to the VM based on the LUN serial number provided by the 7-Mode Transition Tool (7MTT).

About this task


  1. In the Inventory Assessment Workbook, navigate to the Host VM Disk Details tab.
  2. Identify the ESXi host VM with PTRDM or NPTRDM in the Type column.
  3. Note the VM name, the disk path details in the Disk column, and the naa ID from the Device Mapped column.
  4. Verify that the naa ID is listed in the 7MTT mapping file that was generated after transition.
  5. Verify that the naa ID has a corresponding new naa ID in the LUN WWID column of the mapping file.
    This is the new clustered Data ONTAP LUN naa ID.
  6. Use the clustered Data ONTAP LUN naa ID from the LUN WWID column and the disk path details to reattach the clustered Data ONTAP LUN to the VM.