How to troubleshoot space issues related to the staging volumes

If any of the volumes containing staging files for your storage virtual machine (SVM) runs out of space, auditing cannot write log records into staging files. This results in client access failures. To troubleshoot this issue, you need to determine whether any of the staging volumes used in the SVM are full by displaying information about volume usage.

If the volume containing the consolidated event log files has sufficient space but there are still client access failures due to insufficient space, then the staging volumes might be out of space. The SVM administrator must contact you to determine whether the staging volumes that contain staging files for the SVM have insufficient space. The auditing subsystem generates an EMS event if auditing events cannot be generated due to insufficient space in a staging volume. The following message is displayed: No space left on device. Only you can view information about staging volumes; SVM administrators cannot.
All staging volume names begin with MDV_aud_ followed by the UUID of the aggregate containing that staging volume. The following example shows four system volumes on the admin SVM, which were automatically created when a file services auditing configuration was created for a data SVM in the cluster:
cluster1::> volume show -vserver cluster1
Vserver   Volume       Aggregate    State      Type       Size  Available Used%
--------- ------------ ------------ ---------- ---- ---------- ---------- -----
cluster1  MDV_aud_1d0131843d4811e296fc123478563412 
                       aggr0        online     RW          2GB     1.90GB    5%
cluster1  MDV_aud_8be27f813d7311e296fc123478563412 
                       root_vs0     online     RW          2GB     1.90GB    5%
cluster1  MDV_aud_9dc4ad503d7311e296fc123478563412 
                       aggr1        online     RW          2GB     1.90GB    5%
cluster1  MDV_aud_a4b887ac3d7311e296fc123478563412 
                       aggr2        online     RW          2GB     1.90GB    5%
4 entries were displayed.

If there is insufficient space in the staging volumes, you can resolve the space issues by increasing the size of the volume.

Note: If the aggregate that contains the staging volume is full, then the size of the aggregate must be increased before you can increase the size of the volume. Only you can increase the size of an aggregate; SVM administrators cannot.

If one or more aggregates have an available space of less than 2 GB, the SVM audit creation fails. When the SVM audit creation fails, the staging volumes that were created are deleted.