Completing the FPolicy external engine configuration worksheet

You can use this worksheet to record the values that you need during the FPolicy external engine configuration process. If a parameter value is required, you need to determine what value to use for those parameters before you configure the external engine.

Information for a basic external engine configuration

You should record whether you want to include each parameter setting in the external engine configuration and then record the value for the parameters that you want to include.

Type of information Required Include Your values
storage virtual machine (SVM) name Yes Yes  
Engine name Yes Yes  
Primary FPolicy servers Yes Yes  
Port number Yes Yes  
Secondary FPolicy servers No    
External engine type No    
SSL option for communication with external FPolicy server Yes Yes  
Certificate FQDN or custom common name No    
Certificate serial number No    
Certificate authority No    

Information for advanced external engine parameters

To configure an external engine with advanced parameters, you must enter the configuration command while in advanced privilege mode.

Type of information Required Include Your values
Timeout for canceling a request No    
Timeout for aborting a request No    
Interval for sending status requests No    
Maximum outstanding requests on the FPolicy server No    
Timeout for disconnecting a nonresponsive FPolicy server No    
Interval for sending keep-alive messages to the FPolicy server No    
Maximum reconnect attempts No    
Receive buffer size No    
Send buffer size No    
Timeout for purging a session ID during reconnection No