network test-link run-test

Test link bandwidth

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The network test-link run-test command runs a performance test between two nodes. The command requires a source node, Vserver, and destination address. All tests are run using intra-cluster LIFs or iSCSI LIFs, depending on whether the test is exercising the one of the intra-cluster LIFs, or an iSCSI LIF used in ONTAP Select or ONTAP Cloud.

The test is built upon the BSD command iPerf3, although it limits the options for simplicity, and adds the framework needed to supply the correct Vserver to use for the requested LIFs. The test itself runs for 10 seconds and sends 128k buffers.

Before executing the network test-link run-test command, the network test-link start-server command must be run to start a server on the node hosting the destination LIF. After all tests to that node are complete the network test-link stop-server command should be run to stop the server.

The test results are stored non-persistently and can be viewed using the network test-link show command. Results include input parameters, the bandwidth achieved, and the date and time of the test.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node Name
Use this parameter to specify the node which initiates the test.
-vserver <vserver> - Vserver
Use one of the following values to specify the Vserver used to access the destination LIF:
  • Cluster: LIFs used for intra-cluster data traffic
  • DC: LIFs used for iSCSI traffic
-destination <Remote InetAddress> - Destination
Use this parameter to specify the destination IP address.


The following example runs a test between the cluster LIFs, including the start and stop of the server side of the test:
cluster1::*> network test-link start-server -node node1

cluster1::*> network test-link run-test -node node2 -vserver Cluster -destination

        Node: node2
     Vserver: Cluster
Time of Test: 4/22/2016 15:33:18
        MB/s: 41.2678

cluster1::*> network test-link stop-server -node node1

cluster1::*> network test-link show
Node                Vserver             Destination       Time of Test          MB/s
-----------------   -----------------   ---------------   -------------------   ------------
node2               Cluster       4/22/2016 15:33:18         41.2678