system cluster-switch log show

Displays cluster switch log information

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The system cluster-switch log show command displays the status and requests for cluster switch logs.


{ [-fields <fieldname>, ...]
If you specify the -fields <fieldname>, ... parameter, the command output also includes the specified field or fields. You can use '-fields ?' to display the fields to specify.
| [-instance ]}
Specifies an instance of the cluster switch devices log status.
[-device <text>] - Switch Name
Specifies the name of the cluster switch device to display log status on.
[-log-request {true|false}] - Requested Log
Specifies the state of the log request for a cluster switch device. Values: true, false.
[-log-status <text>] - Log Status
Specifies the status of the log request for a cluster switch device.
[-log-timestamp <MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS>] - Log Timestamp
Specifies the completion timestamp of the log request for a cluster switch device.
[-idx <integer>] - Index
Specifies the index of the cluster switch device.
[-filename <text>] - Filename
Specifies the full filename of the cluster switch log.
[-filenode <text>] - File Node
Specifies the name of the controller on which the cluster switch log resides.


    cluster1::> system cluster-switch log show

     Log Collection Enabled: true

     Index Switch                               Log Timestamp        Status
    ------ ------------------------------------ -------------------  -------------
         1 switch-name01(Switch---SN)           -                    -
         2 switch-name02(Switch---SN)           -                    -