vserver services name-service ns-switch commands

Manage Name Services Switch ordering

Manages name service switch configurations. Each name service switch entry specifies the order in which to lookup the name service sources, for a given Vserver and name service database. Each name service database contains some information regarding hosts, group, password, netgroup or name_map. Such a database comes from one or more name service sources such as files, DNS, LDAP or NIS.
Note: If a name service switch entry is deleted, default entry of 'files' will be used for the requested name service database except for hosts database for which default source list of 'files, dns' will used.
Note: If "files" is not specified as the default source for "passwd" or "group" database, ensure that default user and group entries for 'passwd' and 'group' respectively are present in the source configured. Default entries for passwd database: nobody, pcuser, root, sshd, toor, daemon, operator, bin, tty, kmem, games, news, man, smmsp, mailnull, bind, proxy, uucp, pop, www, admin, diag, autosupport. Default entries for group database: wheel, daemon, kmem, sys, tty, operator, mail, bin, news, man, games, ftp, staff, sshd, smmsp, mailnull, guest, bind, proxy, authpf, _pflogd, _dhcp, uucp, dialer, network, audit, www, antivirus, nogroup, nobody.