Virus scanning

You can use integrated antivirus functionality on the storage system to protect data from being compromised by viruses or other malicious code. ONTAP virus scanning, called Vscan, combines best-in-class third-party antivirus software with ONTAP features that give you the flexibility you need to control which files get scanned and when.

Storage systems offload scanning operations to external servers hosting antivirus software from third-party vendors. The ONTAP Antivirus Connector, provided by NetApp and installed on the external server, handles communications between the storage system and the antivirus software.

You typically enable both scanning modes on an SVM. In either mode, the antivirus software takes remedial action on infected files based on your settings in the software.

Virus scanning in disaster recovery and MetroCluster configurations

For disaster recovery and MetroCluster configurations, you must set up separate Vscan servers for the local and partner clusters.