System events that trigger hardware-assisted takeover

The remote management device (Service Processor) can detect many events and generate alerts. The partner node might initiate takeover, depending on the type of alert received.

Alert Takeover initiated upon receipt? Description
power_loss Yes A power loss has occurred on the node.

The remote management device has a power supply that maintains power for a short period after a power loss, allowing it to report the power loss to the partner.

l2_watchdog_reset Yes The system watchdog hardware has detected an L2 reset.

The remote management device detected a lack of response from the system CPU and reset the system.

power_off_via_sp Yes The remote management device was used to power off the system.
power_cycle_via_sp Yes The remote management device was used to cycle the system power off and on.
reset_via_sp Yes The remote management device was used to reset the system.
abnormal_reboot No An abnormal reboot of the node has occurred.
loss_of_heartbeat No The heartbeat message from the node was no longer received by the remote management device.
Note: This alert does not refer to the heartbeat messages between the nodes in the HA pair; it refers to the heartbeat between the node and its local remote management device.
periodic_message No A periodic message has been sent during a normal hardware-assisted takeover operation.
test No A test message has been sent to verify a hardware-assisted takeover operation.