Cabling the HA interconnect (32xx systems in separate chassis)

To enable the HA interconnect between 32xx controller modules that reside in separate chassis, you must cable the onboard 10-GbE ports on one controller module to the onboard 10-GbE ports on the partner.

About this task

This procedure applies to 32xx systems regardless of the type of attached disk shelves.


  1. Plug one end of the 10 GbE cable to the c0a port on one controller module.
  2. Plug the other end of the 10 GbE cable to the c0a port on the partner controller module.
  3. Repeat the preceding steps to connect the c0b ports.

    You must not cross-cable the HA interconnect adapter; you must cable the local node ports only to the identical ports on the partner node.

    If the system detects a cross-cabled HA interconnect, the following message appears on the system console and in the event log (accessible using the event log show command):

    HA interconnect port <port> of this appliance seems to be connected to port <port> on the partner appliance.


The nodes are connected to each other.

After you finish

You should configure the system.