Commands for monitoring an HA pair

There are specific ONTAP commands for monitoring the HA pair.

If you want to check... Use this command...
Whether failover is enabled or has occurred, or reasons why failover is not currently possible storage failover show
Displays the nodes on which the storage failover HA-mode setting is enabled

You must set the value to ha for the node to participate in a storage failover (HA pair) configuration.

The non-ha value is used only in a stand-alone, or single node cluster configuration.

storage failover show -mode ha
Whether hardware-assisted takeover is enabled storage failover hwassist show
The history of hardware-assisted takeover events that have occurred storage failover hwassist stats show
The progress of a takeover operation as the partner's aggregates are moved to the node doing the takeover storage failover show-takeover
The progress of a giveback operation in returning aggregates to the partner node storage failover show-giveback
Whether an aggregate is home during takeover or giveback operations aggregate show -fields home-id,owner-id,home-name,owner-name,is-home
Whether cluster HA is enabled (applies only to two node clusters) cluster ha show
The HA state of the components of an HA pair (on systems that use the HA state) ha-config show
Note: This is a Maintenance mode command.