Performing an automated upgrade on a single-node cluster

Beginning with ONTAP 9.2, you can perform an automated update of a single-node cluster. Because single-node clusters lack redundancy, updates are always disruptive.

Before you begin


  1. Delete the previous ONTAP software package: cluster image package delete -version previous_package_version
  2. Download the target ONTAP software package: cluster image package get -url location
    cluster1::> cluster image package get -url
    Package download completed.
    Package processing completed.
  3. Verify that the software package is available in the cluster package repository: cluster image package show-repository
    cluster1::> cluster image package show-repository
    Package Version  Package Build Time
    ---------------- ------------------
    9.7              M/DD/YYYY 10:32:15
  4. Verify that the cluster is ready to be upgraded: cluster image validate -version package_version_number
    cluster1::> cluster image validate -version 9.7
    WARNING: There are additional manual upgrade validation checks that must be performed after these automated validation checks have completed...
  5. Monitor the progress of the validation: cluster image show-update-progress
  6. Complete all required actions identified by the validation.
  7. Required: Optionally, generate a software upgrade estimate: cluster image update -version package_version_number -estimate-only
    The software upgrade estimate displays details about each component to be updated, and the estimated duration of the upgrade.
  8. Perform the software upgrade: cluster image update -version package_version_number
    Note: If an issue is encountered, the update pauses and prompts you to take corrective action. You can use the cluster image show-update-progress command to view details about any issues and the progress of the update. After correcting the issue, you can resume the update by using the cluster image resume-update command.
  9. Display the cluster update progress: cluster image show-update-progress
    The node is rebooted as part of the update and cannot be accessed while rebooting.
  10. Trigger a notification: autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "Finishing_Upgrade"
    If your cluster is not configured to send messages, a copy of the notification is saved locally.