FlexCache support in a MetroCluster configuration

Starting with ONTAP 9.7, FlexCache volumes are supported on MetroCluster configurations. You should be aware of requirements for manual repeering after switchover or switchback operations.

SVM repeering after switchover when FlexCache origin and cache are within the same MetroCluster site

After a negotiated or unplanned switchover, any SVM FlexCache peering relationship within the cluster must be manually configured.

For example, SVMs vs1 (cache) and vs2 (origin) are on site_A. These SVMs are peered.

After switchover, SVMs vs1-mc and vs2-mc are activated at the partner site (site_B). They must be manually repeered for FlexCache to work using the vserver peer repeer command.

SVM repeering after switchover or switchback when a FlexCache destination is on a third cluster and in disconnected mode

For FlexCache relationships to a cluster outside of the MetroCluster configuration, the peering must always be manually reconfigured after a switchover if the involved clusters are in disconnected mode during switchover.

For example:

When switchover is triggered, and if site_A and site_C are not connected, you must manually repeer the SVMs on site_B (the switchover cluster) and site_C using the vserver peer repeer command after the switchover.

When switchback is performed, you must again repeer the SVMs on site_A (the original cluster) and site_C.