Restoring system defaults and configuring the HBA type on a controller module

If your controller modules have been used previously, you must reset them for a successful MetroCluster configuration.

About this task

Important: This task is required only on controller modules that have been previously configured. You do not need to perform this task if you received the controller modules from the factory.


  1. At the LOADER prompt, return the environmental variables to their default setting: set-defaults
  2. Boot the node into Maintenance mode, and then configure the settings for any HBAs in the system:
    1. Boot into Maintenance mode: boot_ontap maint
    2. Check the current settings of the ports: ucadmin show
    3. Update the port settings as needed.
    If you have this type of HBA and desired mode... Use this command...
    CNA FC ucadmin modify -m fc -t initiator adapter_name
    CNA Ethernet ucadmin modify -mode cna adapter_name
    FC target fcadmin config -t target adapter_name
    FC initiator fcadmin config -t initiator adapter_name
  3. Exit Maintenance mode: halt
    After you run the command, wait until the node stops at the LOADER prompt.
  4. Boot the node back into Maintenance mode to enable the configuration changes to take effect: boot_ontap maint
  5. Verify the changes you made:
    If you have this type of HBA... Use this command...
    CNA ucadmin show
    FC fcadmin show
  6. Exit Maintenance mode: halt
    After you run the command, wait until the node stops at the LOADER prompt.
  7. Boot the node to the boot menu: boot_ontap menu
    After you run the command, wait until the boot menu is shown.
  8. Clear the node configuration by typing wipeconfig at the boot menu prompt, and then press Enter.

    The following screen shows the boot menu prompt:

    Please choose one of the following:
        (1) Normal Boot.
        (2) Boot without /etc/rc.
        (3) Change password.
        (4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks.
        (5) Maintenance mode boot.
        (6) Update flash from backup config.
        (7) Install new software first.
        (8) Reboot node.
        (9) Configure Advanced Drive Partitioning.
        Selection (1-9)?  wipeconfig
    This option deletes critical system configuration, including cluster membership.
    Warning: do not run this option on a HA node that has been taken over. 
    Are you sure you want to continue?: yes
    Rebooting to finish wipeconfig request.