Verifying bridge connectivity and cabling the bridge FC ports

You should verify that each bridge can detect all of the disk drives, and then cable each bridge to the local FC switches.


  1. Verify that each bridge can detect all of the disk drives and disk shelves it is connected to:
    If you are using the... Then...
    ATTO ExpressNAV GUI
    1. In a supported web browser, enter the IP address of a bridge in the browser box.

      You are brought to the ATTO FibreBridge homepage of the bridge for which you entered the IP address, which has a link.

    2. Click the link, and then enter your user name and the password that you designated when you configured the bridge.

      The ATTO FibreBridge status page of the bridge appears with a menu to the left.

    3. Click Advanced.
    4. View the connected devices by using the sastargets command, and then click Submit.
    Serial port connection View the connected devices: sastargets
    The output shows the devices (disks and disk shelves) that the bridge is connected to. Output lines are sequentially numbered so that you can quickly count the devices. For example, the following output shows that 10 disks are connected:
    Tgt VendorID ProductID        Type        SerialNumber
      0 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1CLE300009940UHJV
      1 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1ELF600009940V1BV
      2 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1G3EW00009940U2M0
      3 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1EWMP00009940U1X5
      4 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1FZLE00009940G8YU
      5 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1FZLF00009940TZKZ
      6 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1CEB400009939MGXL
      7 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1G7A900009939FNTT
      8 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1FY0T00009940G8PA
      9 NETAPP   X410_S15K6288A15 DISK        3QP1FXW600009940VERQ
    Note: If the text response truncated appears at the beginning of the output, you can use Telnet to connect to the bridge and enter the same command to see all of the output.
  2. Verify that the command output shows that the bridge is connected to all disks and disk shelves in the stack that it is supposed to be connected to.
    If the output is... Then...
    Correct Repeat Step 1 for each remaining bridge.
    Not correct
    1. Check for loose SAS cables or correct the SAS cabling by repeating the cabling.

      Cabling disk shelves to the bridges

    2. Repeat Step 1.
  3. Cable each bridge to the local FC switches, using the cabling in the table for your configuration and switch model and FC-to-SAS bridge model:
    Attention: The second FC port connection on the FibreBridge 7500N bridge should not be cabled until zoning has been completed.

    See the port assignments for your version of ONTAP.

  4. Repeat the previous step on the bridges at the partner site.