Setting Forward Error Correction for and systems using 25-Gbps connectivity

If your system is configured using 25-Gbps connectivity, you need to set the Forward Error Correction (fec) parameter manually to off after applying the RCF file. The RCF file does not apply this setting.

Before you begin

The 25-Gbps ports must be cabled prior to performing this procedure.

Platform port assignments for Cisco 3232C or Cisco 9336C switches

About this task

This task only applies to AFF A300 and FAS8200 platforms using 25-Gbps connectivity.

This task must be performed on all four switches in the MetroCluster IP configuration.


  1. Set the fec parameter to off on each 25-Gbps port that is connected to a controller module, and then copy the running configuration to the startup configuration:
    1. Enter configuration mode: config t
    2. Specify the 25-Gbps interface to configure: interface interface-ID
    3. Set fec to off: fec off
    4. Repeat the previous steps for each 25-Gbps port on the switch.
    5. Exit configuration mode: exit
    The following example shows the commands for interface Ethernet1/25/1 on switch IP_switch_A_1:
    IP_switch_A_1# conf t
    IP_switch_A_1(config)# interface Ethernet1/25/1
    IP_switch_A_1(config-if)# fec off
    IP_switch_A_1(config-if)# exit
    IP_switch_A_1(config-if)# end
    IP_switch_A_1# copy running-config startup-config
  2. Repeat the previous step on the other three switches in the MetroCluster IP configuration.