Checking the status of a performance tier promotion

You can check the status of performance tier promotion to determine when the operation is complete.


Use the volume object-store command with the tiering option to check the status of the performance tier promotion.
volume object-store tiering show [ -instance | -fields <fieldname>, ... ] [ -vserver <vserver name> ] *Vserver
[[-volume] <volume name>] *Volume [ -node <nodename> ] *Node Name [ -vol-dsid <integer> ] *Volume DSID
[ -aggregate <aggregate name> ] *Aggregate Name
volume object-store tiering show v1 -instance
                                  Vserver: vs1
                                   Volume: v1
                                Node Name: node1
                              Volume DSID: 1023
                           Aggregate Name: a1
                                    State: ready
                      Previous Run Status: completed
                 Aborted Exception Status: -
               Time Scanner Last Finished: Mon Jan 13 20:27:30 2020
                 Scanner Percent Complete: -
                      Scanner Current VBN: -
                         Scanner Max VBNs: -
      Time Waiting Scan will be scheduled: -
                           Tiering Policy: snapshot-only
     Estimated Space Needed for Promotion: -
                        Time Scan Started: -
  Estimated Time Remaining for scan to complete: -
                    Cloud Retrieve Policy: promote