Installing Windows Unified Host Utilities

Windows Unified Host Utilities includes an installation program that sets the required Windows registry and HBA parameters so that the Windows host correctly handles the storage system behaviors for NetApp ONTAP and E-Series platforms.

Before you begin

You must have completed the following tasks:

About this task

You must specify whether to include multipathing support when you install the Windows Unified Host Utilities software package. Choose MPIO if you have more than one path from the Windows host or virtual machine to the storage system. Choose no MPIO only if you are using a single path to the storage system.

Note: The MPIO selection is not available for Windows XP and Windows Vista systems; multipath I/O is not supported on these guest operating systems.

For Hyper-V guests, raw (pass-through) disks do not appear in the guest OS if you choose multipathing support. You can either use raw disks, or you can use MPIO, but you cannot use both in the guest OS.

Detailed installation information is available in the Windows Unified Host Installation Guide on the NetApp Support Site.

NetApp Support


  1. Download the appropriate version of the Windows Unified Host Utilities from the NetApp Support Site.
  2. Run the executable file and follow the instructions on the screen.
  3. Reboot the Windows host when prompted.