Adding NFS access to an existing SVM

To add NFS access to an existing SVM, you must first create a data logical interface (LIF). You can then configure NFS access on the ESXi host and verify that NFS is enabled for ESXi using Virtual Storage Console.

Before you begin


  1. Navigate to the Details pane where you can configure the protocols of the SVM:
    1. Select the SVM that you want to configure.
    2. In the Details pane, next to Protocols, click NFS.

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  2. In the Configure NFS protocol dialog box, create a data LIF:
    1. Assign an IP address to the LIF automatically from a subnet you specify or manually enter the address.
    2. Click Browse and select a node and port that will be associated with the LIF.

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    Do not enter any information to provision a volume. You can provision datastores later using the Virtual Storage Console.
  3. Click Submit & Close, and then click OK.