Preparing to hot-add SAS disk shelves

Preparing to hot-add a SAS disk shelf involves downloading documents as well as the disk drive and disk shelf firmware.

Before you begin

Note: A mix of IOM12 modules and IOM6 modules is supported within the same stack if your system is running a supported version of ONTAP. To establish whether your version of ONTAP supports shelf mixing, refer to the Interoperability Matrix Tool (IMT).NetApp Interoperability If your version of ONTAP is not supported and you cannot upgrade or downgrade the IOM modules on the existing stack or the new shelf that is to be added to a supported combination of IOM modules, you need to do one of the following:
  • Start a new stack on a new SAS port (if supported by the bridge-pair).
  • Start a new stack on an additional bridge-pair.


  1. Download or view the following documents from the NetApp Support Site:
  2. Verify that the disk shelf you are hot-adding is supported.
  3. Download the latest disk and disk shelf firmware:
    Note: In this step, you are only completing the download portion of the instructions provided in the links. You need to follow the steps found in the Hot-adding a disk shelf section for installing the disk shelf.
    1. Download the disk firmware and make a copy of the disk firmware instructions for reference later.
    2. Download the disk shelf firmware and make a copy of the disk shelf firmware instructions for reference later.