Predefined roles for cluster administrators

Data ONTAP offers predefined roles for cluster administrators that should meet most of your needs. You can create custom roles as necessary.

The following table lists the predefined roles for cluster administrators:

This role... Has this level of access... To the following commands or command directories
admin all All command directories (DEFAULT)
autosupport all
  • set
  • system node autosupport
none All other command directories (DEFAULT)
backup all vserver services ndmp
readonly volume
none All other command directories (DEFAULT)
readonly all
  • security login password
  • set
none security
readonly All other command directories (DEFAULT)
none none All command directories (DEFAULT)
Note: The autosupport role is assigned to the predefined autosupport account, used by AutoSupport OnDemand. Data ONTAP prevents you from modifying or deleting the autosupport account. It also prevents you from assigning the autosupport role to other user accounts.