Provisioning storage by creating an aggregate manually

You can manually create an aggregate that consists of only HDDs or only SSDs by using System Manager.

Before you begin

All of the disks must be of the same size.

About this task


  1. Create an aggregate by using one of the following methods:
    • Click Applications & Tiers > Storage Tiers > Add Aggregate.
    • Click Storage > Aggregate & Disks > Aggregates > Create.
  2. Enable the Manually Create Aggregate option to create an aggregate.
  3. To create an aggregate:
    1. Specify the name of the aggregate, the disk type, and the number of disks or partitions to include in the aggregate.
      The minimum hot spare rule is applied to the disk group that has the largest disk size.
    2. Optional: Modify the RAID configuration of the aggregate:
      1. Click Change.
      2. In the Change RAID Configuration dialog box, specify the RAID type and the RAID group size.

        RAID-DP is the only supported RAID type for shared disks.

      3. Click Save.
    3. If you want to mirror the aggregate, select the Mirror this aggregate check box.
      For MetroCluster configurations, creating unmirrored aggregates is restricted. Therefore, the mirroring option is enabled by default for MetroCluster configurations.
  4. Click Create.


The aggregate is created with the specified configuration, and is added to the list of aggregates in the Aggregates window.