Flash Cache window

You can use the Flash Cache window to enable or disable Flash Cache for a storage system that has a Flash Cache module installed. You can also view the read workload statistics.

This Flash Cache window is not available for a cluster containing nodes with All Flash Optimized personality.

Command buttons

Enables or disables Flash Cache.

Flash Cache Read Workload

Displays a graph specifying the rate of the read workload that is served by the disks and the Flash Cache module, which indicates the performance of the storage system.

Details area

Displays information about the system read latency (in seconds), the caching mode that specifies the caching configuration, the state of Flash Cache (enabled or disabled), and the size of the Flash Cache (in GB). If there are multiple Flash Cache cards, the total cache size from all of the cards is displayed.

Note: The Flash Cache size that is displayed differs from the actual Flash cache size for the following reasons:
  • System Manager reports only the usable capacity that is provided by ONTAP.
  • A portion of the total SSD capacity is reserved for storing metadata.