Provisioning a basic template

You can use System Manager to quickly provision basic templates for SQL, VMware and SAP HANA on AFF, SAN, and NAS optimized clusters.

About this task

As the cluster administrator, you can provision applications by configuring one of the basic templates provided. The example describes how to configure the SMB SQL Server.


  1. Click Applications & Tiers > Applications
  2. In the Basic tab, select the SMB SQL Server template.
  3. In the Database Details section, specify the following:
    • Database name
    • Database size
    • Log size
    • Tempdb size
    • Number of server cores
    • Span HA Controller Notes
  4. In the SQL Server Account Details section, specify the following:
    • Optional: SQL server installation account
    • SQL server service account
    • Optional: SQL server agent service account
  5. Click Provision Storage


The SMB SQL Server application is provisioned.