Creating a CIFS share

You can use System Manager to create a CIFS share that enables you to specify the folder, qtree, or volume that CIFS users can access.

Before you begin

You must have installed the CIFS license before you set up and start CIFS.


  1. Click Storage > Shares.
  2. From the Shares on SVM list, select the SVM on which you want to create a CIFS share.
  3. Click Create Share.
  4. In the Create Share window, click Browse, and then select the folder, qtree, or volume that should be shared.
  5. Specify a name for the new CIFS share.
  6. Optional: Select the Enable continuous availability for Hyper-V and SQL check box to permit SMB 3.0 and later clients that support SMB 3.0 to open files persistently during nondisruptive operations.
    Files that are opened by using this option are protected from disruptive events such as failover, giveback, and LIF migration.
  7. Select the Encrypt data while accessing this share check box to enable SMB 3.0 encryption.
  8. Provide a description or comment for the share, and then click Create.


The CIFS share is created with the access permissions set to Full Control for Everyone in the group.