Registering a cluster with NetApp Data Availability Services

You can use System Manager to register an ONTAP cluster with NetApp Data Availability Services (Data Availability Services).

Before you begin

You must have obtained the configuration key from Data Availability Services.

About this task

Starting with System Manager 9.6, you can provide HTTP proxy details (IP address and port) to configure a non-transparent proxy to secure the traffic between an ONTAP instance and public S3 and SQS endpoints.


  1. Click Configuration > Cloud Registration
  2. Type the configuration key that you obtained from Data Availability Services.
  3. Enter the IP address and port for the HTTP proxy if you want to change the defaults that are displayed.
    This action is supported starting with System Manager 9.6. Checkboxes are selected to enable the use of the proxy for administrative traffic control and data transfer traffic. You can deselect these checkboxes, if required.
    Select this checkbox... To enable this action...
    Proxy administrative traffic Control traffic through the proxy.
    Proxy data transfer Route data traffic through the proxy.
  4. Select the IPspace from the drop-down menu, and provide the values for the intercluster LIFs, ports, and netmask.
    If the intercluster LIF is already created for the IPspace, the values are automatically populated.
  5. Click Register to register the ONTAP cluster with Data Availability Services.
    When the registration is successful, the server name (FQDN), IPspace, and status are displayed.

    If the status is unavailable or disconnected, you must reregister the ONTAP cluster with Data Availability Services by using a new configuration key.

    After the status displays as "Connected", you can modify the configured HTTP proxy details by clicking Edit HTTP proxy.