Getting started with APIs

Starting with ONTAP 9.6, the API Log in ONTAP System Manager enables you to view the list of ONTAP REST APIs that have been invoked for the operations that have been performed. You can use these ONTAP REST APIs to automate your application.


  1. To see the API associated with activity in the UI, click .

    For example, if you click Volumes, the following API is invoked to list all the volumes:

    GET /api/storage/volumes?return_timeout=120&fields=name%2Csvm%2Csize%2Cmetric%2Cstate%2Cstyle%2Capplication%2Caggregates%2Cefficiency%2Cspace%2Cnas%2Csnapshot_policy%2Cqos%2Ctiering%2Cguarantee%2Cquota%2Ctype%2Cflexcache_endpoint_type&max_records=20

  2. To view API response information, click the API in the API Log.

    For example, if you clicked the Volumes API, the following response is displayed:

      "records": [
          "uuid": "006e9fb1-3219-11e9-b9d0-00a0986abd71",
          "name": "SMQAVolnew31",
          "size": 1073741824,
          "state": "online",
          "style": "flexvol",
          "tiering": {
            "policy": "none"
          "type": "rw",
          "aggregates": [
              "name": "aggr2",
              "uuid": "622ef453-a6ce-4687-89ab-b1a8fbff1543"
          "efficiency": {
            "compression": "both",
            "dedupe": "both",
            "cross_volume_dedupe": "both",
            "compaction": "inline"
          "nas": {
            "path": "/SMQAVolnew31",
            "security_style": "ntfs",
            "unix_permissions": 0,
            "export_policy": {
              "name": "default",
              "id": 21474836481
  3. To learn more about individual ONTAP REST APIs, click API Reference.

    The information in the ONTAP REST APIs page is retrieved from the on-box API reference.

    For more information about using ONTAP REST APIs, see the Automation and REST API documentation.

    Automation and REST API

Using REST API Log

The following video provides information about using REST API Log: