Enabling SSH public key accounts

You can use the security login create command to enable administrator accounts to access an admin or data SVM with an SSH public key.

Before you begin

You must be a cluster administrator to perform this task.

About this task


Enable local administrator accounts to access an SVM using an SSH public key: security login create -vserver SVM_name -user-or-group-name user_or_group_name -application application -authmethod authentication_method -role role -comment comment
For complete command syntax, see the worksheet.

Creating or modifying login accounts

The following command enables the SVM administrator account svmadmin1 with the predefined vsadmin-volume role to access the SVM engData1 using an SSH public key:
cluster1::>security login create -vserver engData1 -user-or-group-name svmadmin1 -application ssh -authmethod publickey -role vsadmin-volume

After you finish

If you have not associated a public key with the administrator account, you must do so before the account can access the SVM.

Associating a public key with a user account