Verifying SnapLock settings

You can use the volume file fingerprint start and volume file fingerprint dump commands to view key information about files and volumes, including the file type (regular, WORM, or WORM appendable), the volume expiration date, and so forth.


  1. Generate a file fingerprint: volume file fingerprint start -vserver SVM_name -file file_path
    svm1::> volume file fingerprint start -vserver svm1 -file /vol/sle/vol/f1
    File fingerprint operation is queued. Run "volume file fingerprint show -session-id 16842791" to view the fingerprint session status.

    The command generates a session ID that you can use as input to the volume file fingerprint dump command.

    Note: You can use the volume file fingerprint show command with the session ID to monitor the progress of the fingerprint operation. Make sure that the operation has completed before attempting to display the fingerprint.
  2. Display the fingerprint for the file: volume file fingerprint dump -session-id session_ID
    svm1::> volume file fingerprint dump -session-id 33619976
                             Data Fingerprint:MOFJVevxNSJm3C/4Bn5oEEYH51CrudOzZYK4r5Cfy1g=
                         Metadata Fingerprint:8iMjqJXiNcqgXT5XuRhLiEwIrJEihDmwS0hrexnjgmc=
                        Fingerprint Algorithm:SHA256
                            Fingerprint Scope:data-and-metadata
                       Fingerprint Start Time:1460612586
             Formatted Fingerprint Start Time:Thu Apr 14 05:43:06 GMT 2016
                          Fingerprint Version:3
                             SnapLock License:available
                                 Vserver UUID:acf7ae64-00d6-11e6-a027-0050569c55ae
                                  Volume MSID:2152884007
                                  Volume DSID:1028
                                     Filer ID:5f18eda2-00b0-11e6-914e-6fb45e537b8d
                  Volume Containing Aggregate:slc_aggr1
                                 Aggregate ID:c84634aa-c757-4b98-8f07-eefe32565f67
              SnapLock System ComplianceClock:1460610635
    Formatted SnapLock System ComplianceClock:Thu Apr 14 05:10:35 GMT 2016
                         Volume SnapLock Type:compliance
                       Volume ComplianceClock:1460610635
             Formatted Volume ComplianceClock:Thu Apr 14 05:10:35 GMT 2016
                           Volume Expiry Date:1465880998
             Is Volume Expiry Date Wraparound:false
                 Formatted Volume Expiry Date:Tue Jun 14 05:09:58 GMT 2016
                                Filesystem ID:1028
                                      File ID:96
                                    File Type:worm
                                    File Size:1048576
                                Creation Time:1460612515
                      Formatted Creation Time:Thu Apr 14 05:41:55 GMT 2016
                            Modification Time:1460612515
                  Formatted Modification Time:Thu Apr 14 05:41:55 GMT 2016
                                 Changed Time:1460610598
                   Is Changed Time Wraparound:false
                       Formatted Changed Time:Thu Apr 14 05:09:58 GMT 2016
                               Retention Time:1465880998
                 Is Retention Time Wraparound:false
                     Formatted Retention Time:Tue Jun 14 05:09:58 GMT 2016
                                  Access Time:-
                        Formatted Access Time:-
                                     Owner ID:0
                                     Group ID:0
                                    Owner SID:-
                         Fingerprint End Time:1460612586
               Formatted Fingerprint End Time:Thu Apr 14 05:43:06 GMT 2016